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Spincare System

The Spincare System consists of a handheld device and a sterile pre-filled disposable ampule which creates a customised nano-fibrous transient skin-like layer that remains on the wound until the skin underneath is fully epithelialised.

Why EHF Technology™?

The Spincare matrix's traits form the core of Nanomedic's EHF technology, mimicking the natural structure of human tissue closely.

This promotes swift tissue regeneration and wound healing, minimising pain, discomfort, and medical complications for an efficient recovery experience.

The Spincare Wound Care System

Tiny fibers crafted from either natural or synthetic polymer solutions weave together, forming a multi-layered nanofibrous structure with a distinct design and expansive surface.

This unique matrix boosts the attachment and growth of fibroblasts, thereby supporting and accelerating the process of wound healing.


Pharmaceutical is something that is related to prescription drugs or pharmacies.

Here at Blackwell we ensure regular access to good quality, safe and affordable pharmaceuticals.

What are Pharmaceutical Products?

Pharmaceutical products - which also can be known as medicines or drugs - are special preparations used in modern and traditional medicine.

They are essential for the prevention and treatment of diseases, and protection of public health.


Pharmaceutical equipment and products can range from Antibiotics, Beta-blockers, Metoprolol, Anticonvulsants and more.

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